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Birthday of Albert Camus Two philosophical gems to ponder from the French writer.
The Hero A portrait of an old actor facing his mortality, flaws, heartbreak, and regrets.
Majorie Prime An exercise to build self-awareness and empathy.
Obit A quirky and engaging documentary about the obit beat of The New York Times.
No Time Like the Present An affirmation of freedom as a gateway to experiences of love, joy, beauty, and learning from our mistakes.
Birthday of Anne Frank Remembering Anne Frank, whose voice echoes through the corridors of time lest we forget the nightmare of the Holocaust and the heroism of those who sheltered Jews.
Soul Story A philosophical adventure story exploring the many meanings of emergent spirituality.
Quotations on Time A collection to help us understand our relationship to the hours and minutes of our days.
Sacred An intimate portrait from 25 countries of religious rituals and practices that are meaningful to individuals and communities.
The Five Invitations Deep and profound wisdom about death as a constant companion.