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Richard Jeffries in Prayers for Hope and Comfort An inscription speaking of hope
Into the Wild From the movie Into the Wild, an old man's advice to a young seeker about where joy comes from.
A Prayer of Thanks for Libraries and Librarians Fountain of Wisdom, we, along those who responded to this poll, give thanks for and strongly value the public libraries in our communities for promoting literacy and improving the overall quality of…
An Alphabet of Progressive Christian Spirituality - 8 Practices from Rest in Uncertainty to Spiritual Literacy in this alphabet.
Thomas Berry in Listening to the Land Everything has its own voice
Gary Snyder in Talking on the Water Have an acquaintance with plants
Learning the Language of the Soul A description of the value and components of spiritual literacy.
Here and Now A collection of meditations in which the renowned spiritual teacher reads the meaning of everyday life.
A Dios Momo / Good Bye Momo An uplifting and heartening Uruguayan film about a poor and kind boy whose life is transformed during the 40 days of carnival.
Sylvia Boorstein in Will Yoga & Meditation Really Change My Life? Choose kindness to self and others