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Amy Tan in The Nine Muses Memory feeds imagination
Macrina Wiederkehr A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Macrina Wiederkehr, devotional writer and retreat leader.
How to Know God Presents a rounded and complex portrait of our reality sandwich.
Global Spirit - Stories to Remember An exploration with host Phil Cousineau of the lives of two people who have made storytelling their central focus.
The Oblate Life Gervase Holdaway on how silence and its negative spaces can make us fearful.
Solaris A mesmerizing science fiction movie that will put you in touch with the mysterious nature of your memories and the yearnings of your heart.
Donna Schaper in Sabbath Keeping Keeping memory
Solaris - Criterion Collection An alluring science fiction morality tale directed by the Russian genius Andrei Tarkovsky.
Leaving a Trace Plenty of good advice on journaling.
G. K. Chesterton in Ordinary Grace They have forgotten that they are living on a star.