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The Young Girl and the Monsoon The touching story of a photojournalist who is pulled out of his midlife rut by a visit from his daughter.
Outerbridge Reach A novel about the midlife quest of a yacht salesman.
Light Sleeper A film about a middle-aged man who longs for meaning and the grace that can change his life.
Carlito's Way Charts the efforts of a Puerto Rican drug-dealer just released from prison to put a life of crime behind him.
Dear Heart, Come Home Musings, poems, and vignettes from the author's journal directed at those who want to come to a deeper appreciation of Spirit and self.
Son of the Bride A heartwarming comedy about the personal transformation of a middle-aged man, thanks largely to the example of his very romantic parents.
Marianne Williamson A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Marianne Williamson, an internationally acclaimed lecturer and bestselling author active in spiritual politics and consciou…
Analyze This Manages to generate plenty of laughs around the fears and foibles of these two men who still haven't gotten their acts together midway through their lives.
Jackie Brown A quirky film in which two middle-agers are forced to take stock of their lives.
Living a Year of Kaddish Reveals what an Orthodox Jew learned from the ritual of saying the mourner's prayer for 11 months.