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Tending Life's Garden Master Hsing Yun on cultivating, calming, and using our tangled, tarnished minds.
The Three Faces of Mind Explains the ten intelligences we possess.
The Integral Vision Brief and snappy paperback with color illustrations and bold graphics on integral theory and practice.
Buddhist Wisdom Quotations from the Buddha on the mind, suffering, kindness, compassion, the fragrance of good actions, and many other subjects.
Out of Your Mind Out of Your Mind: Essential Listening from the Alan Watts Audio Archives presents six lectures that ably display this renowned teacher's knowledge of Eastern wisdom.
One Dharma Elucidates in many profound and dramatic ways the essential wisdom of this tradition that has become so popular in North America.
The Naked Now Richard Rohr's list of the qualities of a joyful mind.
The Eye of Spirit Applies his spectrum of consciousness model to several fields of study.
The Universe in a Single Atom Makes a good case for the collaboration of contemporary science and spirituality.
Buddhism Is Not What You Think Clarifies some of the key concepts in Zen Buddhism.