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James Martin A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of James Martin, Jesuit priest, editor, and bestselling author.
Films about Ministers, Priests, and Nuns Our 12 picks for best films plus some extras.
Keeping Mum An English black comedy about a housekeeper who turns out be quite a miracle-worker in a dysfunctional preacher's family.
Richard Rohr, John Bookser Feister in Hope Against Darkness God's breaking of God's own rules.
Gerald J. Bednar in Faith as Imagination Using the world of images is itself an act of the imagination
Sounding the Trumpet A collection of letters in which a social justice minister is spurred on by the wise counsel of his former homiletics teacher.
Craig Nessan in Give Us This Day Together we must find the voice to respond to their scream
Brennan Manning in A Glimpse of Jesus Jesus revealed the face of the compassionate God
Sounding the Trumpet Brooks Berndt's testimony on how faith communities need to make use of their role in offering vision.
College and University Chaplaincy in the 21st Century Essays from chaplains in a time of transition at campuses.