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Finding Sanctuary A series of meditations on the Benedictine virtues of obedience, silence, and humility in a monastery.
Thomas Merton in Keeping Faith Monasticism is concerned with total inner transformation
Slow Food On stewardship or leftovers in the monasteries of the Middle Ages.
David Steindl-Rast in A Listening Heart The Benedictine discipline grows out of this one initial gesture of wholehearted listening.
Between Two Souls Two poems on reverence written by Benedictine Sister Mary Lou Kownacki and Zen monk Ryokan.
David Steindl-Rast in A Listening Heart Silence alive with mystery
Sacred Reading An in-depth treatment of this spiritual craft in the monastic tradition.
Meeting the Monkey Halfway A wisdom banquet from a Buddhist monk who lives in cave in Thailand.
Finding Sanctuary Christopher Jamison on finding sanctuary through the spiritual practice of silence.
Letting Go of Second Guessing God Shares her enthusiasm for the beauties and bounties of monastic life.