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Grateful Checkbook Balancing Viewing money as part of the spiritual universe.
Birthday of F. Scott Fitzgerald Celebrate the birthday of one of America's greatest writers and his views of the rich and the powerful.
Miss Sloane A tense political thriller about a smart and sassy Washington lobbyist whose primary ethic is winning.
Right Here, Right Now A French film that excoriates a firm that specializes in mergers and takeovers and reveals the toxic nature of secrets.
In Dubious Battle A band of fruit pickers struggle with hopelessness and keeping their souls alive during a strike.
Passing Time A philosophical masterwork on time, transitions, patience, and the end-game of death.
Blood on the Mountain A hard-hitting documentary about the death and destruction heaped upon the coal miners of West Virginia.
Sold A hard-hitting film about a 13-year old Nepalese girl whose parents send her to work in India where she ends up in a brothel.
Florence Foster Jenkins A multi-leveled love story about a passionate lover of music who can't sing.
Saving Mes Aynak An Afghan archaeologist's passionate attempts to defend one of this century's most significant discoveries of a sacred site.