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Grateful Checkbook Balancing Viewing money as part of the spiritual universe.
Birthday of F. Scott Fitzgerald Celebrate the birthday of one of America's greatest writers and his views of the rich and the powerful.
Logan Lucky A frolicsome rural crime thriller.
The Nile Hilton Incident An anatomy of a Cairo crime investigation clouded by corruption.
Brillo Box (3 ¢ Off) A documentary memoir about the journey of one of Andy Warhol's pop art creations.
After Love An intense family drama revolving around the split of an unmarried cohabiting couple with two children.
The Wrong Light An expose of the unethical exploitation of two young Thai girls by an amoral entrepreneur.
Tommy's Honour A spunky portrait of two pioneers of professional golf.
Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press A hard-hitting documentary exposing the multi-leveled attack on the media by the rich and the powerful.
Goodbye, Things A reflection on the minimalist path that takes to heart the value of austerity and thrift.