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Thich Nhat Hanh in Being Peace Smiling is very important to make peace
Gandhi and the Unspeakable James W. Douglass on how Gandhi was a martyr to the unspeakable.
Daniel Berrigan in Testimony The work for peace is urgent
Countdown to Zero An explosive and thought-provoking plea to abolish nuclear weapons before they abolish us, as President John F. Kennedy once stated.
Life Prayers from Around the World Arthur Waskow's poem-prayer for solidarity and justice.
Fortress America An assessment via the Doomsday Clock of the likelihood of global disaster.
John Dear in Jesus the Rebel Wear them down with our kindness until they accept the wisdom of nonviolence
Urgently Needed: A Peace Surge Readings and practices for those wanting to head off a descent into international violence.
Philip Berrigan in You Will Be My Witnesses No choice but to break unjust laws
Fortress America A review of all the ways the United States has become enslaved to the notions of safety and security.