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Days of Awe and Wonder A top-drawer introduction to the major insights of the Christian theologian Marcus J. Borg.
A Quiet Passion A visually stunning and brilliantly acted biopicture of Emily Dickinson.
Miss Sloane A tense political thriller about a smart and sassy Washington lobbyist whose primary ethic is winning.
Sidewalk Traffic Involving story of a couple struggling to survive and keep their priorities straight.
Birthday of Nikos Kazantzakis Birthday of Nikos Kazantzakis, Writer and Spiritual Seeker
Neruda A Chilean film that blends fantasy and realism in its treatment of poet Pablo Neruda and a policeman fascinated with him.
Chicken People A delightful documentary about three show chicken breeders whose enthusiasm is wonderful to behold.
The Man Who Knew Infinity A heartening drama about a slow-blooming friendship between two brilliant mathematicians.
Creativity Unzipped A manifesto urging us all to unleash our creativity in the service of conscious activism.
Our Last Tango An imaginative documentary on two Argentinian dancers with a passion for this dance form.