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Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say Goodbye An exquisitely written pilgrimage to Japan by a middle-aged American experiencing a whirlpool of grief.
Shinto A magisterial study of the history of the Shinto religion.
Wisdom for Advent and Christmas Quotes to assure our hearts during the Christian holy days.
Camino Divina: Walking the Divine Way Walking meditations for creative soul-searching.
The Grace in Living A guide to the spiritual journey with testimonies and tools to help identify transformative experiences.
Learning the Language of the Soul A map of the spiritual journey with all of its soulful transitions and mystical meanings.
Adventures in Assisi A picture book tour of the places where St. Francis lived and served.
Faith on the Road Theological reflections on the importance of being on the road in Christianity
Hinduism Curated content of our resources on Hinduism
Paulo Coelho's Best Story A biopicture charting one man's painful and then rewarding mission to become a writer.