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Birthday of Jane Goodall Observing the birthday of a UN Messenger of Peace who is considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees.
Birthday of Sir Richard Burton Learning to be open to other cultures and the thrill of the quest with the great British explorer as your mentor.
David Lynch: The Art Life A documentary in which filmmaker and artist David Lynch shares stories about his past.
Caring for the Dying How to make a dying person's room into a sacred space.
The Art of Stillness Pico Iyer on the delights that arise from stillness and going nowhere.
Kyoto Gardens An exquisite appreciation of Kyoto as a spiritual place with its gardens of such beauty, variety and devotion.
The Desert A substantial evergreen resource on desert spirituality.
The Red Turtle A magical and mystical animated film about an island, a castaway, a shapeshifting being, and dreams.
Blood on the Mountain A hard-hitting documentary about the death and destruction heaped upon the coal miners of West Virginia.
Antarctica: Ice and Sky A meditative masterwork about the polar explorer and glaciologist Claude Lorius.