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Birthday of Leonard Cohen Celebrate Leonard Cohen's birthday with two documentaries on him and a book by him.
The Little Hours A raunchy convent comedy loosely based on The Decameron, a 14th century classic
Flavor A fascinating book that moves our most undervalued sense into the spotlight.
Rick Hanson A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Rick Hanson, psychologist who writes about the value of contemplative practice.
World Book Day UNESCO's World Book Day promotes reading, publishing, and copyright.
All These Sleepless Nights A documentary drama of the night-time quests for pleasure via booze and drugs of a twenty-something pair in Warsaw, Poland.
Laundry Day A spunky story about two badgers celebrating creativity as an antidote to boredom.
Reframing A 21-day program on seeing things differently as you put your mind under new management.
All Kinds of Kisses A delightfully illustrated children's about how a wide variety of animals express affection.
Best and Most Beautiful Things A documentary about a confident young woman who despite her disabilities makes a daring transition into independent living.