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Birthday of Leonard Cohen Celebrate Leonard Cohen's birthday with two documentaries on him and a book by him.
All These Sleepless Nights A documentary drama of the night-time quests for pleasure via booze and drugs of a twenty-something pair in Warsaw, Poland.
Laundry Day A spunky story about two badgers celebrating creativity as an antidote to boredom.
Reframing A 21-day program on seeing things differently as you put your mind under new management.
All Kinds of Kisses A delightfully illustrated children's about how a wide variety of animals express affection.
Best and Most Beautiful Things A documentary about a confident young woman who despite her disabilities makes a daring transition into independent living.
Play Anything A salute to deep and focused play as a healing and helpful force in our lives.
The Music of Strangers A rounded and rousing look at the talented Silk Road Ensemble musical collective.
Sixty The nastiness of regrets, fear of the long haul, and other realizations of a sixty year old.
Why You Love Music A celebration of music and the beneficial roles it plays in our lives.