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Hinduism Curated content of our resources on Hinduism
Megan McKenna A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Megan McKenna, a Catholic writer and international workshop and retreat leader.
Buddhism - Tibetan The best of the best of our resources on Tibetan Buddhism.
Seven Sacred Pauses Macrina Wiederkehr on the importance of honoring the hours through pauses in the day.
Praying for Friends and Enemies Jane E. Vennard on imagining struggle and suffering in devotional prayers to attend to the need in our immediate situations.
Interreligious Prayer Thomas Ryan on accepting different forms of religious devotion.
Bead One, Pray Too Kimberly Winston on attention and intention when using prayer beads.
The Age of Miracles Marianne Williamson on being the person we're capable of being in any given moment.
Comfort Prayers June Cotner's collection of poems on hope (by Betty Taylor, Barbara Crooker, and Suzanne C. Cole).
Secrets of Prayer Nancy Corceran on the devotion of linking prayer and action in the world.