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Mindful Reading of Poetry Approaching a poem not by analysis but through the senses and feelings.
The Mindful Life An e-course on how to bring the practice of mindfulness into everyday activities.
Tara Brach A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality
Jackie Two scenes from the film Jackie address the human search for meaning even when there are no easy answers.
Practicing Love on Valentine's Day Love is not something that you just fall into, as the romance novels and hit songs suggest. Love is a spiritual practice. You can get better at it over time. Here's how.
A Prayer for Strength A prayer to Our Rock and Refuge
Becoming Truly Human: Gurdjieff's Obligolnian Strivings A Lenten study of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff's Five Strivings.
Light When It Comes Ways to be taken out of ourselves and filled with joy from a master of everyday spirituality.
Lumen Divinum: A Retreat for Advent A delving into the great themes of Advent to enrich the contemplative life.
Last Days in the Desert An immersive spiritual drama in which God speaks to Yeshua/Jesus through the world, his experiences, a family, and a Demon.