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Brian L. in Meeting Wisdom Everything is going to be all right
Lawrence Kushner in The Way Into Jewish Mystical Tradition Regard everything that happens as if it were
Emanuel Swedenborg in Observing Spirit Carried along constantly toward happier things
Suzanne Guthrie in Praying the Hours Prevenient grace
I'd Like to Call for Help, But I Don't Know the Number Abraham Twerski on how addicts often experience Divine intervention as a miracle.
Ronald Rolheiser in The Shattered Lantern What is God saying to us in all of this
Bede Griffiths in A Human Search Providence teaches you to do what is necessary
Richard Rohr in Radical Grace: Daily Meditations There is no way God is not loving you
Hafiz in The Subject Tonight Is Love This place where you are right now
Yitzhak Buxbaum in Jewish Spiritual Practices This also is for good.