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Rachel Naomi Remen in My Grandfather's Blessings Finding meaning require us to see differently
Dainin Katagiri in The Great Failure Maybe something fresh will come up
Sue Bender in Everyday Sacred 100 ways to see an ordinary white pot
Shoni Labowitz in God, Sex and Women of the Bible PMS means: pause, meditate
D. M. Dooling in The Spirit of Quest Opposition and challenge from the outside...
Taitetsu Unno in Shin Buddhism Plumbing the depth of our present existence
Sharon Salzberg in Lovingkindness True happiness requires a radical change of view
Hamid in The Last Barrier I am not a vegetarian
Your Image of People Visualizing yourself and others as friendly.
Steer Clear of a Litany of Fault-finding Acknowledging virtues in those we dislike.