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World Refugee Day Day to honor the courage, the struggles, and the contributions of refugees.
The Age of Consequences A startling documentary that presents new twists on the global climate change crisis and what to do about it.
Cries from Syria A documentary masterpiece chronicling the stages of the Syrian revolution and the staggering suffering of the Syrian people.
Seasons An immersive experience of what life was like for animals and early humans during the Golden Age of the forest.
The Journey An honest and engaging portrait of what a refugee family goes through to get to a safe place to live.
Why Am I Here? A compelling case for empathy as a bridge that can draw people together.
Unspeakable A vision of global collapse.
Children of Syria A Frontline documentary about four kids surviving in a war zone in Syria.
The Journey A remarkable view of the Syrian refugee crisis.
The Crossing An absorbing documentary about a band of Syrian refugees and their perilous journey to Italy and from there to new beginnings.