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With Burning Hearts Makes a good case for the spiritual practice of gratitude.
Billboard Ad Campaign in God Speaks Remember how we'd talk
The Way of the Labyrinth Helpful material for anyone interested in this spiritual practice.
Mystic Iran: The Unseen World Presents one woman's amazing spiritual encounters with Muslim believers, Zoroastrians, and Sufi dervishes in the hinterlands of this country once known as Persia.
House of Shattering Light A spiritual memoir revealing the importance of vision and saluting mystery as a way of life.
M. Basil Pennington in Monastic Journey to India Indians have a lovely custom of feting someone
A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven An edifying resource by two master ritual makers.
The Pilgrimage Way of the Cross A Lenten resource that challenges us to a prayerful use of our imagination.
Soul Judaism Lays bare the thumping and triumphant heart of Jewish renewal.
Esther de Waal A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Esther de Waal, scholar, retreat leader, and speaker.