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A Field Guide to Solitude - 2017 May 1 - 26, 2017: A pathway to being alone that brings you closer to wholeness, wisdom, and well-being.
Animal Frequency Ways of connecting with the energy of animals
Practicing Love on Valentine's Day Love is not something that you just fall into, as the romance novels and hit songs suggest. Love is a spiritual practice. You can get better at it over time. Here's how.
Designing Your Life An exercise for logging, categorizing, and reframing failures.
Poetry to Lift Your Spirits A month's worth of poems celebrating an upwelling of life and spirit.
Becoming Truly Human: Gurdjieff's Obligolnian Strivings A Lenten study of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff's Five Strivings.
Joy in Every Moment A celebration of joy packed with quotes, exercises, and practices.
Life on Purpose A celebration of purpose as a universal virtue.
Heartfulness A thought-provoking journey into the missing link between self-help and self-discovery.
As It Is: Spiritual Journaling Guidance on using spiritual journaling to explore interior, interpersonal, social, and sacred realities.