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Buddhism Six lectures by the legendary seeker on the spread of Buddhist thought.
Secrets in the Dark Frederick Buechner on the importance of practicing kindness in human life.
Frederick Buechner A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Benedictine sister Frederick Buechner, a writer of Christian devotional literature, novelist, memoirist, and ordained Presb…
Wandering Joy Three sermons by the fourteenth-century teacher and philosopher on the birth of God in the soul.
Connecting like Jesus Practices and exercises for creating spiritually charged communication within the church community.
Intimacy in Prayer An examination of the Song of Songs through 86 sermons.
Ralph Waldo Emerson in The Wonders of Solitude I like the silent church before the service begins
Stirring the Waters Janell Moon on thinking of grace as a robe with which to cover yourself.
Paramahansa Yogananda in Inner Peace Shipwrecked souls can find the way to safety in the harbor of peace.
Secrets in the Dark Top-drawer sermons by a gifted and imaginative preacher.