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Honor Your Ancestors Dedicate your activites to bring the influence of ancestors into your life.
Sabbath as Resistance A hard-hitting and prophetic attack on the culture of NOW which devalues the Sabbath.
The Bling Ring A sharp-edged portrait of a band of amoral teenage thieves in California who have a passion for fashion, a yearning to have more, and a desire for cheap thrills.
America's Shadow Sides on Film A roundup of 3 films that reveal other shadow sides of the American experience
Spiritual Practices for Shopping 20 ways to make shopping a richer and deeper experience.
Shopping Advocates a Christian understanding and practice of shopping.
Why We Buy An updated and revised version of a bestselling book with fascinating tidbits on the popular experience of buying things.
Jewish Renewal Sabbath as a weekly renewal and a celebration of the possibility of freedom from oppression.
Attention Shoppers! Turns shopping into an opportunity to nurture one's true self, to make important choices, to deepen self-awareness, and to bring about the spiritual process of transformation.
Discovering What's Enough Guidance for identifying what you really need and what is a sufficiently beautiful contribution to the world.