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Attention Shoppers! Turns shopping into an opportunity to nurture one's true self, to make important choices, to deepen self-awareness, and to bring about the spiritual process of transformation.
A Blow to the Belly of Consumerism In an article on CNNMoney, Chris Isidore notes that malls are doomed; between 20% and 25% of American malls will close within five years, according to a new report from Credit Suisse. Estimates are …
Eve Eliot in Attention Shoppers! Having can be a substitute for doing and being
Eve Eliot in Attention Shoppers! We shop to restore ourselves to happier times
Jim Wallis in The Soul of Politics Citizenship has been replaced by consumption
Eve Eliot in Attention Shoppers! Does the act of self-nurture feel alien to you
The Bling Ring A sharp-edged portrait of a band of amoral teenage thieves in California who have a passion for fashion, a yearning to have more, and a desire for cheap thrills.
Why We Buy An updated and revised version of a bestselling book with fascinating tidbits on the popular experience of buying things.
Affluenza A dazzling and enlightening work of cultural criticism.
Honor Your Ancestors Dedicate your activites to bring the influence of ancestors into your life.