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Anton Chekhov in Approaching Eye Level Others made me a slave
Paula D'Arcy in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Love sets things free
Anton Chekhov in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Squeeze the slave out of yourself
Wayne Teasdale in The Mystic Hours Time is a factory where everyone slave
A Prayer for Slaves O Liberator God, we are ashamed of the persistence of slavery in our world. Help us to cherish our freedom and fight for the freedom of others. Fact: There are at least 27 million slaves in 161 c…
Trade A scary, poignant, and unforgettable film that elicits our outrage and compassion as it puts faces on the victims of the international trade in sex slaves.
Ted Loder in Loaves, Fishes and Leftovers We share the advantages and destructiveness those sins passed along to us,
Why Animal Suffering Matters Andrew Linzey with the justifications that defenders of animal suffering put forward.
Sallie McFague in Super, Natural Christians The practice of radical love knows no bounds
A Prayer for Exploited Working Children in India In an article in The New York Times, Gardiner Harris reveals that 28 million children between the ages of 6 and 14 are working in mines, factories, construction sites, shops, and farms in India. Thi…