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Carl McColman A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Carl McColman, a lay Cistercian who writes, speaks, and gives retreats on contemplative faith.
Wisdom for Advent and Christmas Quotes to assure our hearts during the Christian holy days.
Poetry to Lift Your Spirits A month's worth of poems celebrating an upwelling of life and spirit.
Journey into the Light - A Year-Long Program with Contemplative Outreach A year-long program celebrating the Journey into the Light as a steady path to develop and unify heart, mind, and body.
The Way of Rest Over 200 essays brimming over with humor, humanity, and humility.
The Transformation of Suffering: A Lenten Journey Mar. 1 - Apr. 14, 2017: Soul-stirring meditations on art and other practices for an intentional journey during Lent.
The Grace in Living Kathleen Dowling Singh on why it is wrong to try to separate the spiritual life from ordinary life.
The Grace in Living A guide to the spiritual journey with testimonies and tools to help identify transformative experiences.
Songs by Leonard Cohen A collection of the prophetic and spiritual songs by the singer/songwriter.
A Journey of Discernment Sept. 4 - 29, 2017: An e-course to learn to contemplatively discern the small and large decisions in life.