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The Fencer A celebration of the ethical goodness and heroic acts of a teacher.
Tommy's Honour A spunky portrait of two pioneers of professional golf.
Handsome Devil A lively dramedy about two friends who walk through the fire and forge their characters in the process.
Letters from Baghdad An exquisite documentary on the extraordinary life and work of Gertrude Bell.
The Together Project A French/Icelandic romantic comedy about love, swimming pools, and the yearning to be rescued.
Super Bowl Sunday A spiritual way to look at the annual football extravaganza.
Queen of Katwe A celebration of the manifold accomplishments of a young African chess prodigy.
Magnus A pleasant and entertaining Norwegian documentary about the acclaimed wizard known as the Mozart of Chess.
O. J.: Made in America A substantive and often sensationalistic documentary about the downfall of O. J. Simpson and the rage of African-Americans against injustices.
Gleason An emotionally rich documentary about a former NFL star and his wife finding ways to live a rich life despite the debilitations caused by ALS.