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The Replacements A group of so-called losers who get their moment in the sun during a professional football player's strike.
Wimbledon Proves that sometimes it pays not to have your eye on the prize and to just go out there and play with wild abandon.
Amazing Grace and Chuck A hope-filled film portraying how humanity is capable of following its best instincts.
The Bear Gary Busey's colorful performance is worth seeing.
Rudy A salute to a pint-sized football player with heart.
Tin Cup A delightful romantic comedy about golf that reveals that playing it safe can't hold a candle to taking risks and playing from the heart.
The Tao of Sports Eighty-one short meditations that relate Taoism's truths (balance, harmony, humility, etc.) to sports.
The Rookie A soulful tribute to the spiritual firepower of yearning and the way a community supports the dreams of one of its gifted members.
The Cup An endearing Tibetan drama about loving others and giving up one's attachments.
The Legend of Bagger Vance A mythological story about a depressed World War I veteran who finds his authentic self during a golf tournament, thanks to the help of the spiritual guide acting as his caddy.