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Birthday of Isaac Bashevis Singer Celebrating this Nobel Prize for Literature winner by dipping into his short stories on the mystery of life.
Writing to Awaken 48 lessons to unearth your true identity and help you tap into a more authentic and meaningful life.
Talking Pictures A pleasing tribute to the art and variety of movies.
Wendell Berry and Higher Education A vision of practices and virtues to re-enchant higher education.
Wolf Nation A celebration of the mystery and magnificence of wild wolves.
Creation's First Light A wondrous tale about how the first light made possible all other days of creation.
A Bouquet of Kindness Practices An array of exercises to cultivate lovingkindness.
Real Love A guidebook on loving ourselves and others, filled with useful mindfulness exercises and meditations.
A Tale of Love and Darkness A sobering and insightful screen rendition of Amos Oz's memoir.
Spiritual Elder Activism October 1 - 26, 2017: An e-course for those who want to synthesize their life experiences into a legacy for future generations.