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California Typewriter An entertaining documentary about people who love typewriters.
Brillo Box (3 ¢ Off) A documentary memoir about the journey of one of Andy Warhol's pop art creations.
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work on Simplicity A personal retreat on living freely, simply, and from the heart.
Melannie Svoboda A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Melannie Svoboda, retreat leader, novice director, and author.
Goodbye, Things A reflection on the minimalist path that takes to heart the value of austerity and thrift.
The Physics of Everyday Things A fascinating mapping of physics in our everyday lives.
A Little Book of Mystical Secrets An introduction to the life and teachings of Rumi's mentor and soulmate.
Holy Spokes The Prayers of the People from a Blessing of the Bicycles Service
Pandora An enchanting children's picture book about loneliness, nurturing, kindness, loss, and renewal.
L'Art de la Simplicité An advocate of simplicity's critique of material excess.