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Victoria Season 1 of the historical series about the young Queen Victoria as she learns the tricks and the traps of her reign.
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Powerful drama which charts the greed, racial hatred, violence, deception, and injustice heaped upon Native Americans.
The Islands and the Whales An exploration of the current threats to the lifestyle of the people living in the Faroe Islands.
Indignation A triumph of elegant writing, exquisite acting, and a vibrant spiritual treatment of righteous indignation.
Our Little Sister A masterwork by Japan's foremost director of miniature films suffused with beauty, everyday spirituality, and subtle grace.
Sand Storm A story about a young Bedouin woman and the tough values choices she must make.
Parched An explosive Indian drama about the toxins of gender inequality and the exhilarations of women's empowerment.
Inside the Chinese Closet A vivid look at the struggles gays and lesbians in China have with parental pressures to get married and have children.
Difret The true story of a landmark case about abduction for marriage in Ethiopia that stands up for the dignity and rights of women everywhere.
P. Zonka Lays an Egg Story of an outcast chicken who becomes a wonder-maker.