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Films about Explorers, Missionaries, and Adventurers A collection of films about people who have ventured into the unknown — with mixed results.
Queen of the Desert An epic portrait of Gertrude Bell, an English explorer, polymath, and astute political analyst of the Middle East.
A Field Guide to Solitude - 2017 May 1 - 26, 2017: A pathway to being alone that brings you closer to wholeness, wisdom, and well-being.
The Art of Stillness The brilliant essayist on the benefits and enchantments of going nowhere.
Journey to Greenland The cross-cultural journey of two long-time friends visiting one of their fathers in a remote Inuit village.
Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say Goodbye Marie Mutusuki Mockett shares views on the Japanese view on imperfect beauty and the concept of wabi sabi.
Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say Goodbye An exquisitely written pilgrimage to Japan by a middle-aged American experiencing a whirlpool of grief.
Landfill Harmonic An astonishing documentary about a youth orchestra that will stir your soul and bring you tears of joy.
Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal A snappy nonlinear memoir filled with short memories, charts, exercises, facts, and insights.
Wisdom Notes Cogent and creative theological probes on the times in which we live.