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Navratri – Nine Nights of Meditation on the Divine Feminine Spiritual goals for the Hindu holiday that honors Shakti or the Divine Feminine/Mother.
The Wrong Light An expose of the unethical exploitation of two young Thai girls by an amoral entrepreneur.
Rumi's Little Book of the Heart An inspirational collection of poems about friendship, love, and loss.
Beatriz at Dinner Drama about the values conflict between a New Age holistic healer and a famous real-estate tycoon.
The Desert A substantial evergreen resource on desert spirituality.
The Four Questions A retelling of the folktale Chicken Little to teach children the Work, a method of spiritual inquiry into thoughts and emotional responses.
Hooligan Sparrow A portrait of a women's rights activist who speaks truth to power in China.
Finding Babel A documentary about the legacy of Russian Jewish writer Isaac Babel.
Falling in Love with a Poem How to develop a vibrant relationship with a poem, letting it change you.
The Witness An effective and thought-provoking documentary about the mysteries surrounding the killing of Kitty Genovese.