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The Story of China with Michael Wood A splendiferous BBC series that traces the ups and downs of Chinese history over 4000 years.
Today I Feel . . . A wonderfully illustrated children's book that helps build a vocabulary of feelings.
Saint Teresa of Avila A prayer by Mirabai Starr invoking the help and teachings of St. Teresa of Avila.
The Souls of China An explanation of Chinese religion as a mixture of faiths with an emphasis on rituals.
The Practice of Compassion: A Multifaith Guide An exploration of compassion practices in six traditions.
Becoming Wise The radio host's quest for wisdom through the spiritual practice of mystery.
Living and Dying with Confidence A daily companion of meditations on death from a Buddhist perspective.
Ralph Waldo Emerson Forging a mystical path with the writings of the Concord Sage.
Quotations on Humility Philosophers, theologians, saints, and spiritual teachers on the complexity and simplicity of this virtue.
The Power of Ideals Reasons for studying humility as a virtue practiced by moral leaders.