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Martin Luther King, Jr. in The Questions of Jesus Peace is the presence of justice
Imagine a World Sarah Klassan's poem on waging peace.
Top Secret! Serves up a veritable smorgasbord of comic bits.
Joan Chittister Joan Chittister on the devastation of war and the need for peace.
In Love and War A cautionary tale about the dangers of romantic infatutation.
Yanks Charts the difficulties of wartime love affairs.
Heaven and Earth Touches the heart-not only as a cross-cultural treasure but as Oliver Stone's most soulful movie.
Whose Gospel? James A. Forbes, Jr. on the immorality and illegality of war.
The Statement A serious drama based on a novel by Brian Moore that explores crimes against humanity, the activities of a right-wing organization in the Catholic Church, and forgiveness.
Stop the Next War Now Why peace must be proclaimed and enacted as an alternative to war.