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Birthday of F. Scott Fitzgerald Celebrate the birthday of one of America's greatest writers and his views of the rich and the powerful.
My Cousin Rachel A compelling costume drama that leaves us in the dark with the nettlesome emotion of not knowing.
Beatriz at Dinner Drama about the values conflict between a New Age holistic healer and a famous real-estate tycoon.
Ali and Nino A love story between a Muslim and an Eastern Orthodox believer that is also a history lesson about oil-rich Azerbaijan.
The Night Manager A fascinating and well-acted glimpse of espionage in the post-Cold War era.
Circle of Poison An expose on how big corporations are distributing toxic pesticides which were banned in the United States to countries around the world.
Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict A vibrant and enlightening survey of the life and work of one of the world's most renowned art collectors.
Aquarius A portrait of an unconventional 65-year-old woman who is a consummate lover of place.
Dekalog: Ten The finale of Kieslowski's epic treatment of the Ten Commandments.
Requiem for the American Dream An interview with Noam Chomsky that illuminates the sad and scary state of affairs in "Two Americas."