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Winter Solstice Getting in touch with the deeper meanings of the Winter Solstice through readings, practices, poems, and prayers.
Birthday of Bede Griffiths Affirming the interspiritual vision of the Benedictine monk with a reading, a screening, and a mantra.
Diwali - A Celebration of Our Inner Light The Hindu holiday as a celebration of our inner light and a time to cultivate spiritual wealth.
Navratri – Nine Nights of Meditation on the Divine Feminine Spiritual goals for the Hindu holiday that honors Shakti or the Divine Feminine/Mother.
National Grandparent's Day DVDs that celebrate the vital connection between grandparents and grandchildren.
Wendell Berry and Higher Education A vision of practices and virtues to re-enchant higher education.
ZENior CitiZEN A refreshing spiritual vision of the last stage of life.
The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy A superb collection of 125 poems, by Buddhist and non-Buddhist poets, on essential concepts in Buddhism.
Reclaiming Your Body Learning to reclaim our bodies and to listen to their wisdom.
Spiritual Elder Activism October 1 - 26, 2017: An e-course for those who want to synthesize their life experiences into a legacy for future generations.