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The Zen of You & Me A Zen teacher on the value of practicing little by little.
Finding the Blue Sky A teaching story about the benefits of meditation.
Awakening from the Daydream The value of being gentle and kind toward ourselves in meditation practice.
The Power of Forgiveness A story about Bill Gates to illustrate that we may need 10,000 hours to master a skill such as forgiveness.
Live Happy Deborah K. Heisz with some specific ways to reach out to others.
Replanting Ourselves in Beauty Patricia Farmer on the five habits of beauty.
Start Here Now How to bring present moment awareness into planning for the future.
Make Me One With Everything The American Buddhist teacher on the elements of a oneness practice.
Make Me One With Everything Lama Surya Das's summing up of the things he's learned on the spiritual path.
A New Buddhist Path David Loy on the shadow side of the mindfulness movement in non-religious settings.