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Promise Ahead A description of the quiet revolution known as voluntary simplicity, soulful simplicity, and compassionate living, in other words, life beyond advertising's lure.
The End of Night An eloquently written and awesome tribute to darkness and nights.
Poetry A valiant and touching psychodrama about an aging woman who takes on the challenge of writing her first poem from the experiences that stir her heart.
American Plastic A cogent and troubling look at the money, time, and energy being expended by Americans on plastic surgery as a pathway to beauty, perfection, youth, and success.
Art of the Western World A remarkable and enthralling nine-hour overview of Western art from ancient Greece to modern America
Celtic Christian Spirituality Celtic Christian John Philip Newell on the beauty of God within us.
Girl Model A sad and cogent documentary about young girls exploited by the modeling industry.
What Is Beautiful? Etan Boritzer's children's book on the variety of beauty in our multicultural world.
Viewer's Guide on Beauty Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
Seyyed Hossein Nasr in The Heart of Islam Make life a worthy offering to God