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Results for "practice: Being Present"
Ecclesiastes Rami Shapiro's interpretation of the book of Ecclesiasties as an explanation of impermanence.
Lama Gendun Rinpoche in Life Prayers Everything happens by itself
Waiting Practicing being present.
Passionate Presence Catherine Ingram on how our innate wisdom can inform our actions and attitudes.
Statio Pausing in the moments between moments.
St. Thomas Aquinas in The Reinvention of Work To live well is to work well
Attending to the Ordinary Zen's thorough focus on the task at hand.
Seven Sacred Pauses Macrina Wiederkehr on the importance of honoring the hours through pauses in the day.
Pain Is Simply Pain Accepting painful moments.
Meditation without Gurus Clark Strand on the importance of being awake and in the present moment.