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A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency A timely and thought-provoking response to the climate crisis by a wide cross-cut of Buddhist spiritual teachers and writers.
Gatha for Endangered Species Recalling our connections with plants and animals.
At Home in the World Correspondence betwen these two Catholics from 1966 to 1968.
Eating Mindfully Ideas and suggestions for making connections with others at meals and helping you understand that you are part of a community and planet that share food.
When the Trees Say Nothing Expresses Thomas Merton's feelings of connection with the weather (in a book edited by Kathleen Deignan)
Think of Your Heart as a Sunflower A practice to spread divine light to all.
Joyce Rupp in Walk In a Relaxed Manner Imagine walking on a path where millions of feet
Back Bonding Ritual Deep nonverbal communication between grandparents and grandchildren.
The Gary Snyder Reader Gary Snyder brings us this poem about connections with Earth.
Express Affection Physically Connecting with the things around you.