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Seeking Paradise Thomas Merton on some of the grace notes that can come from the diligent and humble work done in service of God.
Touching to Bless Being a source of healing.
John O'Donohue in Beauty: The Invisible Embrace Grace is the permanent climate of divine kindness.
Movies about Miracles Henry Poole Is Here and other films that depict inexplicable events
Richard Rohr in Contemplation in Action How can I be more holy
Grace Accept grace and your world will be larger, deeper, richer, and fuller. Look for its intimations everywhere. Let this seed of the Giver of Life bloom in your words and deeds.
Jelaluddin Rumi in The Essential Rumi Mystics are experts in laziness
Sharon Daloz Parks quoted in Plain Living God is in the prepositions
Dominic Grassi in Bumping into God Again God's loving care envelops all of creation
Thomas A. Keating in Open Mind, Open Heart It only takes a moment for God