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Practical Theology Terry A. Veling on how welcoming strangers enhances community.
One Song A poem by Rumi about celebrating all religions.
Jesus and Muhammad A bridge-building paperback showing the commonality between these two spiritual seers and prophets.
Authors & Readings on Hospitality A guide of the original sources from this episode.
Karen Armstrong in Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet Muslims coexist with people of other religions.
Viewer's Guide on Hospitality Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
Jesus in the Lotus A cogent and enlightening book on ways Christianity and Hinduism can enrich each other.
Pushing Tin A discussion guide to the movie "Pushing Tin" directed by Mike Newell. Recommended for people interested in finding spirituality at the movies.
Mary Oliver in Thirst Making the House Ready for the Lord
Civility & Spirituality Blog Relationships are the central web of our lives. The strands connect us to family, intimates, partners, friends, as well as communities, natural places, and the wider world. The character and quality…