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Peter Levitt in Fingerpainting on the Moon Our willingness to risk brings our work to life
The Soul of Shamanism An innovative and startling path that will enable Westerners to become sorcerers.
The Power to Heal Using your voice to ease others' suffering.
Nancy M. Malone in Walking a Literary Labyrinth let our imaginations feed upon the images words present
Learning Torah Making yourself a vehicle for God.
The Findhorn Book of Connecting with Nature John R. Stowe on imaginative ways to relate to a tree.
When You're Strange A fascinating documentary about the amazing rollercoaster ride of Jim Morrison and the Doors who tried to break on through to the other side.
Robert Fulghum in Bless This Child Crayola bombs
No One Knows About Persian Cats A tribute to Tehran's underground indie-bands rebelling against a law that forbids them to play rock music.
Anthony de Mello An excellent introduction to the life and work of this extraordinary post-denominational Christian.