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Albert Nolan in Jesus Today Prophecy and mysticism form an inseparable whole in the life and spirituality of Jesus.
Broken Bread and Broken Bodies Reveals the connections between these two.
Seeing Every Act as Significant Ways to tip the balance towards the good.
Hazrat Inayat Khan in The Wisdom of Sufism Justice is a faculty of mind which weighs things.
Blood Done Sign My Name A sturdy, sensitive drama about the Civil Rights movement in North Carolina in 1970, revealing the scourge of American racism in all its ugly manifestations.
The Light of Conscience Bill Shore on the practice of justice as it sprouts in countless acts of conscience.
Storm Gives conscience a good name and proves the world needs more women warriors to uphold the cause of justice.
Craig Nessan in Give Us This Day Jesus says far more about the needs of the poor and oppressed than he does about prayer!
The End of Poverty? A hard-hitting documentary that presents the voices and concerns of the poor along with suggested ways out of the gap between the rich and poor.
Daniel The perfect wedding of Biblical commentator and text.