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Randolph Ray in Practice Random Acts of Kindness Engraved inside every wedding band
Imam al-Bukhari in Moral Teachings of Islam Kindness is an adornment to anything
The World's Need A reminder to be kind.
Marc Ian Barasch in Field Notes on the Compassionate Life Reincarnated bodhisattvas who have practiced universal kindness
Be an Invisible Angel Anonymously help others and see how you feel.
Great Occasions Carl Seaburg's words of kindness to a grieving person.
Small Voluntary Sufferings Letting someone else have best portion.
Karen Armstrong in Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet Largesse was an important virtue
Seven-day Candle Sending light to the soul of a departed friend.
Kindfulness Ajahn Brahm on how fault-finding undermines the practice of kindfulness.