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John Dear in Living Peace Solitude and silence create a sacred space
Ordinary People A very special and poignant movie about growing up and family life that help us gain a fresh perspective on our own adolescence and adulthood.
Difficult Conversations Presents skills that can enhance communication between individuals.
Boesman and Lena A film version of Athol Fugard's play about a down-and-out black couple in South Africa struggling with poverty and homelessness.
Michael P. Nichols in Choosing Civility We don't really listen to each other
Smoke Signals This delightful film pokes fun at the interface between life " on the rez" and the dominant white culture.
Love Never Faileth Eknath Easwaran's teaching story illustrating that it's the significance we ascribe to that which we hear, not what we hear itself, that brings on an attack of anxiety.
True Crime A riveting and moral drama about an antihero who comes through despite all his flaws.
Joan Halifax in Being with Dying Deep listening means listening in tolerance
Mumford An endearing portrait of a wounded healer who uses his own experiences of pain and compulsiveness to help others.