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Stop the Next War Now Why peace must be proclaimed and enacted as an alternative to war.
The Anger Diet A thoughtful and practical resource on dealing with anger in your life.
Don't Say Anything Negative Becoming a peacemaker.
Maxine Hong Kingston in The Fifth Book of Peace I have to pacify the world.
Breathe Shalom A practice for when horror takes our breath away, breathing "shalom" for those who can't, those who won't, and those too afraid to even try.
Serenity Prayers A poem about serenity or inner peace by Katherine Swarts.
Total Repose Becoming aware of unnoticed tension in the body.
Thich Nhat Hanh in Walking Meditation You will touch real peace and joy
Let Others Go Give others freedom and you give it to yourself
Living the Reiki Way A visualization exercise by Penelope Quest on Bringing in the Light.