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Drew Leder in Games for the Soul The way of play was a part of all religions.
Take the Day Off Do as little as possible.
Ray Riergert, Thomas Moore in The Lost Sutras of Jesus Act as if life were a game
Blessing for Soccer Families A prayer for soccer parents, grandparents, and their children.
Furry Logic A fine gift book for animal lovers with a sense of humor.
The Runaways A music-based biopicture about a female hard-rock band that paved the way for many others by proving that chicks can play as well as the guys.
Thich Nhat Hanh in The Art of Power You are a wonder of life
Soul Kitchen A funky comedy about an oddball restaurant owner in Hamburg whose creativity and perseverance are tested by unending setbacks.
Wayne Muller in Sabbath What if we were to expand our definition of wealth
Air Bud A basketball playing Golden Retriever shows his stuff on several high-school basketball courts.