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Drew Leder in Games for the Soul The way of play was a part of all religions.
Take the Day Off Do as little as possible.
Ray Riergert, Thomas Moore in The Lost Sutras of Jesus Act as if life were a game
Blessing for Soccer Families A prayer for soccer parents, grandparents, and their children.
Summer Poems, essays, and stories to celebrate the delights of the season of summer.
The Runaways A music-based biopicture about a female hard-rock band that paved the way for many others by proving that chicks can play as well as the guys.
Thich Nhat Hanh in The Art of Power You are a wonder of life
Soul Kitchen A funky comedy about an oddball restaurant owner in Hamburg whose creativity and perseverance are tested by unending setbacks.
Joan Chittister in Songs of Joy Laughter in heaven
Air Bud A basketball playing Golden Retriever shows his stuff on several high-school basketball courts.