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Tower Heist A caper comedy which will appeal to all those who want to see a Wall Street wheeler dealer get what he deserves.
Vanishing of the Bees A cogent documentary exploring the global disappearance of honeybees who play such a crucial role in our ecosystem.
The Oath A documentary on the toxic spin-offs from both Al-Qaeda and the U.S. War on Terror.
The Eye of the Storm An engrossing screen adaptation of a 1973 novel by Nobel Prize-winning author Patrick White about a dying matriarch and her two spoiled adult children.
Solitary Man A riveting drama about the plight of a 60 year old who seeks to avoid death and stay forever young.
Duplicity A timely, brisk, and witty combination love story and drama about corporate malfeasance.
The Joneses A satire that pokes fun of the ruses that corporations are willing to undertake in order to get more people purchasing their products.
Disconnect Three compelling dramas about lives shattered by thieves using the tools of technology to steal things of great value to their victims.
Vincere A visually sumptuous Italian drama about the shadow side of power-hungry leaders and lovers who tell themselves stories that have no resemblance to reality.
Putty Hill A creative and risky blend of a character-driven drama and a documentary about some alienated working-class people in a slummy suburb of Baltimore.