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Nikolay Berdyayev in Imagining the Sacred The mystery of God is revealed by the mystery of the human person
The Mystical Way in Everyday Life Karl Rahner's thoughts on a theology of sleeping, which includes prayer, letting go, and dreaming.
Global Spirit - The Mystical Experience Three experts from different religious traditions contemplate the path of achieving “direct contact” with the Divine.
The Afterlife and Other Stories An exploration of the lives of men in their sixties.
Viewer's Guide on X - The Mystery Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
Jewish Mysticism and the Spiritual Life A thoughtful collection of essays on Jewish mysticism and the spiritual life.
Authors & Readings on X - The Mystery A guide of the original sources from this episode.
Song of the World Becoming Showcases the devotional work of a woman interested in the dynamics of faith, belief in God, and respect for the vast mysteries of the earth.
An Interview with Julie Bertuccelli The director talks about her new film The Tree.
Anne Lamott in Traveling Mercies I do not understand much of anything