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Robert A. Johnson in Balancing Heaven and Earth Only one right thing to do at every moment
Global Spirit - The Mystical Experience Three experts from different religious traditions contemplate the path of achieving “direct contact” with the Divine.
Brainstorm Eric Maisel saluting the mystery, adventure, and creativity of following a brainstorm.
Viewer's Guide on X - The Mystery Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
Meister Eckhart, from Whom God Hid Nothing A sturdy sampler of his mystical Christian perspective.
Authors & Readings on X - The Mystery A guide of the original sources from this episode.
Wonderful and Dark Is This Road A graceful and playful overview of Christian mysticism.
An Interview with Julie Bertuccelli The director talks about her new film The Tree.
Evelyn Underhill Reveals her special interest in mysticism and the potencies of everyday spirituality.
Embracing Mystery How to make acceptance of mystery a spiritual practice; the first step, let God be God.