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A pleasant and entertaining Norwegian documentary about the acclaimed wizard known as the Mozart of Chess.
The Oath
A documentary on the toxic spin-offs from both Al-Qaeda and the U.S. War on Terror.
Code Black
A sobering and idealistic call for more emergency room "mercy medicine" as an alternative to treating only paying patients.
Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo
A fascinating documentary about the high regard for insects in Japan and the cultural and spiritual reasons behind this phenomenon.
Bill Nye: Science Guy
An edifying glimpse into the life and work of a TV celebrity transformed into a passionate critic of climate change.
Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders
A portrait of doctors doing their best in hellish circumstances that more than ever show their humanity and heroism.
Homme Less
A thought-provoking documentary about an unusual homeless man in Manhattan.
Smash His Camera
A robust and snappy documentary about Ron Galella, the controversial photographer of America's superstars and celebrities.
The Farmer's Wife
A tour de force depiction of change as the alchemy for keeping any relationship alive.
A creative documentary charting an ordinary day in the life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the thoughtful, tireless spiritual leader of the Tibetan people.