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Winter Sleep
A Chekhovian drama about a rich and self-absorbed middle-aged man who needs to do some serious inner work.
A heart-affecting story of the reality so many children face when they have to grow up without parents.
Lilya 4-Ever
A compelling and disturbing film about an abandoned Russian teenager who finds herself an unwilling victim in the global sex trade.
The Drummer
The transformation of a rebellious youth as he adapts to discipline, practice, and the rigors of communal living with a Zen drumming troupe in Taiwan.
Our Last Tango
An imaginative documentary on two Argentinian dancers with a passion for this dance form.
Troubled Water
A poignant film enabling us to empathize with both an ex-con struggling to make a new life for himself and the mother of the boy he was convicted of murdering.
The Season of Men
Probes the plight of women in Tunis where even the bonds of sisterhood don't ease the pain of their subservience to men.
The Father of My Children
An intelligent and beautifully acted French film about work, death, grief, and finding one's way back to life.
The spiritual journey of a Palestinian teenager from a refugee camp in Beirut in 1982 and an Israeli pilot captured by the PLO.
Mademoiselle Chambon
An exquisite French film about an extramarital romance which opens two lovers to fresh territory inside themselves they have never explored before.